Choosing what is most important

I have been a burlesque performer since 2004 and I have loved EVERY minute of it.  I started producing shows in 2006 due to the fact that Portland Burlesque basically was non-existed and that was the only way to really perform.  Plus it opened the door for Portland to discover the beautiful art of burlesque.  Most the time I had to travel if I wanted to perform and make a name for myself.

Well, I feel I have done that (to a degree) and I don’t have the desire to produce as many shows as I once did.  Why?  Because it takes away from 2 of my most favorite passions in the world.  ONE-My son and family.  TWO-Actually PERFORMING.  For those of you who have done both (produce a show and perform in that very same show) it is quite difficult to do so.

I have set goals for myself to be accomplished in the next 2 years and in order for those goals to be acheived I must step back from the producing arena and focus my time and energy on other things-routines, costume making, self-promotion.  Obviously, that is pertaining to my burlesque career.  However, I am DEFINIATELY focusing on my family as well.

I HEART my family and they give me the support I need to reach my goals and aim high.  To help me keep my eye on the big picture.

I have a few shows that I have committed to producing through out this year and that is it for me.  I might do one or two a year after that, but mostly I will be performing and traveling.  Not to mention, my University of Burlesque ( will keep me quite occupied.



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