Extended Spring Break

I’ve made a conscience decision to not book or over-book myself for the months of March and April. To just have a few shows/events in each month. This is a time for reflection and to re-charge my battery. 2008 was full of massive change, most negative, and let downs and I never allowed myself to stop long enough to deal with anything. I am doing that now.

I am spending time with my partner, my son, and those that know the meaning of true, solid friendship. Also to build growing friendships and start new ones. I miss hostessing…so I’ll be having many fun gatherings at my home-crafting/stitch & bitch sessions, play dates with my son, martini parties. I also miss dancing. Not performing, but down, right, booty shaking dancing. It would be nice to get out and actually be an audience member at events and shows, instead of being a performer in it or being too tired to even get out of the house to enjoy myself.

I will be spending time on building props I have been wanting to build and create costumes that are long over due.

I will be traveling to SF, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Southern Cali. These trips are for either performing, training, or filming.

This time is to RE-create the balance that has been distant for about a year.

So far, I am enjoying my less rushed, relaxed, and mildly boring existence. I get to be around for my son at nights and have time to myself.

But stick around! Because I’ll be back in full swing before you know it…complete with new costumes, routines, and lovely treats for all.  I’ll be sending my updated press kit soon Darlings!


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