You know you want one (PDX)

I have these absolutely adorable pitbull puppies available to be adopted into loving, secure, tender affectionate homes.  They were abandoned for about 3-4 weeks, with VERY little water or food (BASTARDS!).  But now I’m a foster mama to these sweet lick-monsters and they will be ready to go to a safe home in the next 2 weeks.  I am taking them to get neutered on the 23rd.  I just got their nails trimmed and gave them a bath-ummm, oatmeal-buttermilk scented.

They are very playful and will lick you obsessively, lol.  I imagine them to be about 6 months old or so.  They are brothers and I would REALLY prefer them to stay together.  But if that is not possible, I understand.  BUT again-they’re brothers :).  I have been working on training them with basic commands-sit, stay, heel, down, drop it, off.  They are on their way to being house trained 🙂 and they are picking up on everything really quick.

They love cars rides and do ok with other animals (I have a dog-Rottweiler mix and 2 cats).  Plus my little buddy is safe with them.

Cletis and Billy Jack want to go home with you…

Let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting these adorable little creatures.



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