Femme in the Lands of Butches-Day one

There I was, in the middle paradise.  Butches everywhere. To my left…right…front…back.  I could not have asked for anything else at that moment.  I walk into AJ Toppers at Marriott Downtown Oakland and happiness flooded over my being.  I was so very happy at that moment that we left at 3a and NOT 12p that day.  Driving 10 hours after only 3 hours of sleep was worth it! Any tiredness I had was completely gone.  I was wide awake and ready to start the weekend!

I got my paperwork and registration packet, met with Blaze, the volunteer chair, then proceeded to slowly turn in a circle to take it all in.  I then saw my femme sister spirit, Belinda Carroll.  I hadn’t seen her in years! It was so refreshing to know that I had someone else I could drool with ;).  My partner is VERY understanding.  I met several fabulous butches that night.  One being Ivan E. Coyote.  Another being Takeya Trayer.

Then it was off to the Meet and Greet at The Den.  I can’t say how much fun I had!  I have not been able to dance like that in a long time.  I officially met Christine de la Rosa, and got see Jukie Sunshine and Alix Izen.  Hanging outside the club with Belinda dancing and carrying on was a plus!

The only down side that night was having to run into a crack head who continually kept asking us, “Y’all eat Pu$$y?, Y’all eat Pu$$y?”.  Now the ghetto, Army, expert hand to hand combat woman in me wanted to turn around and round house his ass in the neck!  But I had my silk black and blue dress on and my make-up was BANGIN’-so I kindly turned around and smiled, “Umm Um Good!”.

Sahara and Belinda at Butch Voices Meet and Greet


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