Femme in the Land of Butches-Day two


“Hello…”(in a groggy, just woke up voice)

“Hey Babygirl, you still coming in for your shift?” asks Blaze

“Oh shit, what time is it?!?!?” I ask frantically

“I know I should have said something to you last night!”

“I’ll be there in 10!”

Yes, I had loads of fun, maybe too much fun, the first night at Butch Voices.  But can you blame me?!?!  I arrive to the hotel (my fabulous great friend and burlesque sister, Kentucky Fried Woman, let us stay with her over the weekend) freshly showered and ready to work the registration table.  It was a mad house that Friday morning!  So many folks were trying to get in before the first session of workshops…but once that first rush went through it wasn’t that bad.

My shift ended at 11a and I was able to attend the workshop titled, “Getting What You Want:Sexual Boundaries for Tops, Bottoms, and Everything in Between by Nico Carbellano & Sophie Rogers-Gessert.  It was interesting and enlightening…though I don’t think I ever had a problem making myself clear about what I want.  But we did discuss boundaries and consent and how to respect those.  Like-How do you know someone is consenting to being flogged if they are gagged, blind-folded, and tied up?  Or-If they have a full hooded vinyl bodysuit on without eye holes or mouth holes, only 2 smalls to breath out of, how do you know they want to be paddled?  You know…things like that.  Anyway, I met this couple that I thought was one of the highlights of the conference.  They were so sweet and so cute, I wanted the femme to be my Auntie! The looks on their faces were PRICELESS during this workshop.

Then it was onto the next workshop-An Exploration of Dick by Blast.  Boy was this class an eye opener!  We got to feel ALL kinds of material.  Silicone, rubber…we talked about softies, fake testicles, too hard to run in.  Then we got to enter our name into a drawing. And damned if I didn’t get a thing!  Even one of the owners of a nation wide toy store won something..  Grrr!   But at least I know where to go to get really good stuff!

I then had to jet-I had a guest appearance with Red Hots Burlesque (separate entry coming on that).

Then a dear friend, my sweetie, and I some how ended up at a party of some sort.  It was the strangest thing…..there was a leather odor in the air, the door way was completely enclosed in a curtain, chains were rattling, and weird noises were coming from inside.


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