Dreams do come true…

So I know that it is over a year away, but this is something I have been dreaming of for years.  I wanted to have one based on the NW, then I realized that didn’t satisfy my desires and left me feeling ‘blah’.  I marinated on it for a bit and it finally came to me.


Shades of Burlesque Festival is designed to bring burlesque performers of color and our allies together and to form a truly diverse and uplifting community.

Our mission-To provide a nurturing and supportive community that educates, promotes, and uplifts burlesque performers of color and our allies.

Naturally we are in the VERY beginning stages, however I can say that we are have SoBF 2010 in Oakland in September 2010.  It will be 3 days long (Friday-Sunday).  We are gonna have workshops, panels, a dance party, a performer showcase, an art show and so much more.  Stay tuned for a website, Facebook page, and more information on the very first SoBF 2010.

Shades of Burlesque chair members (to date-will add more)

Co-Chair-Sahara Dunes and TBA

Co-Media-Lady Bomb Deluxe and TBA

Guest of Honor-Vagina Jenkins

Financial-Kentucky Fried Woman

Programming-Ginger Snapz

Co-Entertainment-Jacqueline Hyde and TBA



If you’d like to help out and/or volunteer, please stay tuned on how you can sign up.  So mark your calendar and stay tuned for more info!



2 responses to “Dreams do come true…

  1. AWESOME! I’d love to be a part of this, if you’ll accept an Asian performer/stagehand/loudmouth from Australia! 😀

    Let me know how I can help from where I am.

    Tiara the Merch Girl

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