Femme in the Land of Butches-Day three

I woke up a little easier this morning and reported to duty as scheduled at the registration table.  It was already somewhat hectic from looking at the expressions on some of the volunteers faces, it seemed to flow a bit easier the second day. Once my shift was over, Butch Burlesque workshop was the next stop. This was taught by Papa Dino. We had a fun time and the audience had many questions for her. Although this workshop was late, so I ended up missing Ivan Coyotes workshop, I had a good time.

Lunch was at this delicious buffet about three blocks from the hotel. Fortuna Buffet had some of the freshest food I have ever had from an Asian buffet.

After lunch, I went to the Flirt Like You Mean It workshop presented by Q.  It was interesting.  We discussed the different ways to flirt and how to recognize when someone is flirting with you.  I am SO very oblivious as to when someone is flirting with me.  Unless someone straight up says, “I like you.”, then it’s up and over my head, lol.  So I got some good pointers out the workshop.

That was the end of my day at the hotel.  We left and went back to the apartment to start getting ready for ButchNATION.  I was volunteering for that as well.  NOW…I was assigned to be a stage hand.  In the world of burlesque art, a stage hand is a ‘pick-up artist’ or ‘stage maid’ or ‘stage kitten’ or ‘stage vixen/stud’.  They are as part of the show as the performers.  I chose to be a stage maid, complete with ruffle butts :).

How can I describe this show? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! More than amazing, spectacular is more like it.  The show opened with Pippa Flemming and O-M-G!  She was mind blowing.  Her piece was a spoken word piece that was about history and culture and pain and survival. SIGH.  It took my breath away.  Then everything else just kept getting better and better.  The butch anthem was spectacular.  Illicit Life Ent. just blew me away.  Momma’s Boyz were DAMN good.  And Ivan.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Ivan E. Coyote.  Can you say-heartfelt, passionate, moving, emotional?  I cannot believe the way Ivan spoke and the words were so powerful. SIGH! Fairy Butch was a fabulous emcee that kept the crowd engaged and was witty.  I could go on, but I think I’ll start to ramble if I do :).  Just know, if you missed it, you missed a DAMN good show.

After that, I was frickin’ pooped and headed back to the apartment.  Everyone else either went to the after party, went to bed alone, or went to bed with someone they met that night ;).


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