Supermongral Studios

I had another fabulous photoshoot with Madeleine of Supermongral Studios today.  I have known Madeleine for years and I have always been a fan of your art.  From dance to painting to designing to photography.  She is amazing.

Her studio is set up perfectly for a variety of shots and styles.  She is more on the dark, naughty, seductive side of things.  Last time I did a some classic Sahara…burlesque costume and fun slightly trashy look.  I also did some not so classic Sahara…totally naked except for some lace fabric and topless sexy under the bust black sheer lingerie.

This time I did a not classic, not typical, totally not Sahara shoot.  But sexy none the less ;).  A sexy 50’s style kitchen shoot and a fetish domme shoot (complete with a sweet ass black/burgundy flogger).

Jodi was the make up artist again and she is crazy wicked with her style.  I always feel like a sexy ass porn star getting ready to film with Belladonna, lol!  I have such creative friends.

Photos coming soon!



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