Rediscovering how humans should be to one another and ourselves

I found my book, ‘The Four Agreements’ the other day and started reading it again.  I have never been to much of a reader, but there are a few books that I enjoying reading and re-reading.  The Four Agreements is one of them.  If you have never read this book, I suggest you find the time to do so.  It really puts things into simple and easy ways to live.  Basically, EVERYTHING we do is based on agreements that we have made.  Whether to ourselves or to others.

Be impeccible with your word.

Understand that you must be a person of your own word and follow through with what you have spoken.  Avoid using your word to speak ill of others.  We all fall victim to this, I am no exception.  But I realize this and work on it everyday.

Don’t Take Anything Personally.

This is a hard one for me.  I am a person who internalizes.  Because of this, it is an effort for me not to take things personally.  I must realize that nothing anyone does is because of you.  They make their own decisions based on their own reality.

Don’t Make Assumptions.

This is very important.  Finding the way to ask questions and expressing what you really want can be hard for some.  But getting a straight forward answer versus living in your insecurities or what others view is always better.  I have been working on this as well.  Sometimes the questions are hard and difficult to ask, but asking will save a lot of headache.

Always Do Your Best.

Do your best for YOU.  Others may judge, but as long as you know you have done your best and put your best foot forward you will avoid self-judgement and regret.

I wish these four things were taught to me growing up.  It would have saved alot of trouble!  I have always been a person who speaks their mind.  Some do not like that because I speak my mind on topics that may stir emotions.  I have always been conscience of others feelings and if I have oversteped my boundries, I ALWAYS apologize and make amends.

We as humans are fragile creatures.  We let others decide how we are going to feel, what we are going to look like, and how we are going to dress.  We are to concerned with societies views of how we should be.  When really if everyone took that energy and fed it into something positive, I truly think suicide rates would drop, self esteem would rise, and the mental professions would be looking for work.  Just my opinion though.


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