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Well, let’s see…..

My last post was about depression and how it has affected my life.  It has gotten so much better and am learning to be the ME I was years ago. Less depression, still social anxiety but that’s getting better too.  I don’t go out as much as I’d like too but my partner has been a great support and the best thing EVA!  It’s so important to have a great support system when dealing with depression.  I have found many others that suffer from it and we are able to talk together about what helps us  and just be there for one another.

After that post, I received many great emails of support and some opening up that they suffer from depression too.  It’s amazing how many others suffer from it and just keep it bottled up.  I also got emails and comments from those that have nothing else to do but talk crap about people.  I am ok with that.  Because the comments I got from those people were anonymous (surprise, surprise!).

If you don’t have anything else to do with your time and you’re gonna leave a hateful email or comment, be women or man enough to actually leave a real email address and name.  Don’t hide behind a fake email.  Lame.

Umm, what else.  I have been traveling a lot.  Mostly because I have never done so and I love learning about how others live in other areas.  In April, I’ll be going to Canada and Tucson, AZ.  Looking forward to both, but mostly the Canada trip.  I’ll be heading back to San Francisco in March because I can NEVER get enough of that place.

I am on the PTA at my son’s school and volunteer in his class once a week.  I love it!  Those kindergartners could teach all of us a thing or two.  They are so bright and full of energy and life.  We (the family) are planning a trip later this year.  Not sure where we are going yet.  🙂

Enjoy your day!  And remember—–>

There will ALWAYS be those that are negative.  Look for the positive and be happy!



One response to “What’s new!

  1. I was looking at your site because I am writing about you right now. I’m out of the performing biz for a bit, but I was thinking about you. Hope you have a good time at FOCS!

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