Sahara Dunes-The Burlesque Artist

I have always loved the erotic arts.  Since 19, I have been drawn to some sort of artistic expression within the erotic arts.  Burlesque was discovered by accident.  I performed a number at the nude revue and after the number I was asked, “Are you a burlesque performer?”. That night I looked up what burlesque was and watched video after video after video on  I then decided, “Yes.  Yes, I am a burlesque performer.”.

My first show was in 2004 with 2 other fabulous women and the show was called ‘Virginal Confessions’.  It was the first show of it’s kind at the local lesbian club in Portland, OR.  It was a success.  Since then I have been producing shows and performing for Northwest audiences.

I strive to learn and grow their everything I do.


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