Sahara Dunes-The Stripper

Many of you don’t know this, however I started my burlesque career as a stripper.  That’s right!  I got my first job at Acropolis after I saw Gina Gershon in ‘Showgirls’.  She played a top notch showgirl in Las Vegas.  At that time I was in love with Gina Gershon.  Honestly, I still am.  Anyway the next day, I went to Cathie’s and bought an outfit and auditioned at A-Crop.  I got the job and danced on various days…mostly Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

I bounced around from club to club as many dancers do.  I danced at Viewpoint, CJ’s (long gone now…)Jiggles, The Backswing (don’t ask!!!), Exotica, Jody’s, Dolphin I, and Union Jacks.  At that time, many of these clubs were quality clubs…now-I have no idea what these clubs are about.  I rarely hustled, because I did such great dancing on stage that I made most my money on the stage or I got asked for dances as I walked around between my sets.

I enjoyed stripping, but I found I wasn’t able to be as artist as I wanted to be…..ENTER ONE BURLESQUE BIRTH.


One response to “Sahara Dunes-The Stripper

  1. e mail me sahara I miss you

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